Naturopathic Medicine – More

The father of modern day Naturopathic Medicine is Dr. Benedict Lust, MD.  He coined this term in 1892.  He was also the first person to establish the first school for naturopaths, The America School of Naturopathy in New York, which had its first graduation class in 1902.  For the next 30-40 years, the rise of naturpathic medicine in the US was dramatic.  People everywhere were experiencing radical changes in their health and it was due to its success in helping and healing people that it grew so rapidly.  Unfortunately, modern allopathic medicine also rose around this time with the advent of pharmaceutical drugs and in short time, the movement of naturopathic medicine was all but crushed.      Since this time, a resurgence of naturopathic medicine has been seen in the US and year after year more are being exposed to the power of this special medicine.

From a broad perspective, naturopathic medicine would include therapy, treatment or modality which incorporated all things natural in healing.  Some of the more popular segments would be therapies such as nutrition, detoxification, orthomolecular medicine and various understanding of eating including the alkaline acid diet.  In addition to these modalities, countless numbers of other numbers healing options have recently arisen which all help to restore health and balance to the body.  Such other modalities include applied kinesiology or muscle testing, homeopathy, bach flower remedies, reflexology and light touch treatment.  All of the parts of Chinese Medicine would also all be considered a part of what naturopathic medicine is.  Therefore, while it is known under a different name, the most ancient of healing systems all fall under the same umbrella.

From a personal perspective, I believe the foundation of any healing protocol or treatment should focus on the basics of diet or food, air and water.   Most of us eat 3 times or more per day, breath air constantly (at least I hope you do), and drink various amounts of water throughout the day.  If these three areas of our lives and are not not aligned with nature and healing, it will be very difficult for any person to truly heal.  One person asked me the other day after asking me what a naturopath is, and he had a peculiar yet simple question: “Are you one of those people who believes that vegetables heals people?!”  I looked at him and resolutely said “YES!”