Allergy Elimination

Allergy Elimination

• Do you have seasonal allergies or take allergy medication?
• Do you suspect that you have a gluten sensitivity or a food allergy?
• Wouldn’t be amazing if you didn’t have to struggle with allergies ever again?

Environmental and food allergies can be eliminated now!

For the better part of 60 years Jeanne had consumed regular American staple foods including dairy products, sugar and wheat. Around the age of 50, she developed bursitis (inflammation of fluid filled sacs between the tendon and bone in her hip). It was very painful and got so bad at times that she had difficulty even walking. She tried everything including standard treatments like steroids. She also looked into alternatives such as acupuncture, which would help for a while and then the pain would return. Through testing, it was determined that the real cause of this inflammation was an allergy or food sensitivity to wheat, dairy and sugar. With one treatment of allergy elimination, the pain was gone and has yet to return.

Does everyone have allergies or food sensitivities? Is there a cure for allergies?

Everyone I have tested has exhibited one or more food sensitivities. In fact, when tested, I personally had over 25 different food sensitivities including things such as sugar, wheat and dairy but also others such as cilantro, citrus fruits, oats, broccoli, pork and shellfish. Now, all of my sensitivities are gone. Food allergies can be life threatening as in the case with peanuts and other foods. Food sensitivities are more subtle but can cause over 60 different symptoms including headaches, low energy, gas, indigestion, weight gain, acne, water retention, skin rashes, etc… We don’t relate many of these symptoms to the things we eat because sometimes symptoms don’t show up for up to 24 hours later or longer. Or if you have sensitivity to a particular food and eat it every day, you are never able to notice the true effect it has on your health because you eat it every day.

A food sensitivity or environmental allergy is normally an inappropriate reaction that your immune system has to a particular substance. Is pollen, for example, harmful to you? No. Why? Because if it was, everyone would have the allergy and not everyone does. Some people react simply because their immune system is confused or weak and has an adverse reaction because it sees the pollen as a threat.

Is avoiding gluten really the answer?

The big push today is foods that are gluten free, as a result people avoid wheat completely. Here is my question: Why, if wheat has been a staple food in societies for thousands of years, is there such an epidemic of people that are suffering from a gluten sensitivity/allergy? Wheat is a wonderful healthy food. However, in my opinion, the wheat that is mostly consumed today is not the same wheat that was consumed 50 years ago. Some estimate that up to 90% of the wheat we consume today is genetically modified. If it wasn’t designed for the body, when it enters into the body, the immune system is doing its job and attacks it accordingly. This constant reaction can actually cause autoimmune disorders linked to gluten intolerance. No GMO was ever designed for the human body! But is avoidance the answer? No way. Reprogramming the body to not attack the food is the answer. Eliminating the allergy to the food or environmental factor is the answer. People have sensitivities and allergies in record numbers because our food is terrible (processed and non organic) and we are exposed to all sorts of chemicals and toxins that we never have previously been exposed to. Do you realize that deodorant or any health care product you use could be the cause of many of your health problems? The substances in those products are harmful and your body is just constantly reacting to them.

Can allergies contribute to cancer?

The truth is that everyone has many allergies, but most don’t realize it. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer. People are getting sick in record numbers today and the immune system is completely overtaxed because it is constantly fighting against “allergies”. Cancer has risen exponentially in the last 50 years and in essence cancer arises due to a failure of the immune system. If the immune system is fighting allergies every day, those allergies take away the immune system’s resources to deal with real threats such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites and rogue cells that are cancerous. Imagine freeing up your immune system to deal with real threats? Imagine how much healthier and stronger you will be?

The pioneer of allergy elimination is Dr. Devi Nambudripad, M.D., D.C.,, Ph.D. She invented a treatment called NAET. I highly recommend you read her book “Say Goodbye to Illness”. You can literally be allergic to anything. Everything is energy and any energy your body perceives as a threat it will react to. The good news is that any allergy can be eliminated. NAET involves eliminating just one allergy at a time through acupuncture, which can be very costly and can take a long time. Since NAET was discovered, better ways to eliminate allergies have arisen and you can eliminate 10-15 allergies at a time, without the use of needles. Basic treatments remove allergies from dairy, protein, sugar, minerals, vitamin C, parasites, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, vaccinations, grains and many more. Obscure things that may be causing you reactions such as dander, mold, people, etc… can also be detected through testing and those allergies can be eliminated.

If you suspect that you have allergies, please make an appointment and don’t wait to make your allergies a thing of the past. Imagine not suffering from allergies every allergy season or having to take Claritin ever again. Imagine being able to eat any food you want without an adverse reaction. It is possible, and you can be allergy free starting now. Call to make an appointment if you are in the Orlando, Florida area. For more information, please contact me at 407-255-0314.