Natural Remedies and Treatment for Acne

Posted on January 24, 2012 by drscott

I almost didn’t go to prom one year because of the volcano growing on my forehead.  This was a pimple of epic proportions.  This thing was visible from a mile away without the use of binoculars.  I almost resorted to makeup.  If I’m honest, I don’t miss those days.  However, like many people I thought that once I hit a certain age, the acne would go away.  Boy was I wrong.  It wasn’t until I began to change my health from the inside out that my acne completely disappeared.  I had continuous acne until I was about 28 years old.

Acne is the worst.  Everyone wants to have healthy skin free of blemishes and pimples.  This is especially true when you are going through your teenage years and your image and self esteem can be radically affected by your skin and how you feel about yourself.  The good news is that acne can be healed fairly easily if you are willing to make some much needed changes to your lifestyle and diet.  Putting toxic chemicals on your face to deal with the problem from the outside is not the solution.  Remember, toxins are one of the causes to disease and ill health and the topical solutions don’t address the cause, which is why the acne keeps coming back.  Being a naturopath, what we need to do is find the cause and go from there.

What is Acne?

Acne is literally a visual way of the body showing you that it needs to get rid of toxins.  It is a visual detoxification.  Acne literally grows when the follicles (small canals), that are connected to oil glands, get clogged or blocked.   Acne is a condition where the skin then gets lesions that appear on the surface of the skin.  These legions are normally full of pus or dead blood cells, where bacteria is allowed to grow.

Causes of Acne?

Many say they don’t know what the cause is.  Naturopaths have a different view.  The body gets rid of toxins in one of 4 different ways through urination, bowel movements, breath, and the skin.  The skin is the largest organ of the body and eliminates toxins through sweating.  So first, if you don’t sweat or exercise this is one of the first places to start to heal acne.  When the body’s filters, the liver and kidney, get overwhelmed, the skin really beings to help out.  Some have called the skin the “third kidney”.  This goes back to what causes almost all health problems: toxicity and deficiency.  What I have discovered in the clinic is that acne is related largely to food sensitivities or allergies that someone has.  You eat the wrong food, you get a symptom: acne.  Plain and simple.  Acne also is a very visual sign that the blood is toxic.  With this in mind, let’s make a few observations.

How to heal acne naturally?

  1. Drinking enough water in the day is one of keys to conquering acne.  Without water your body will not be able to do many things, one of those being to detoxify properly.   I would suggest getting half of your body weight per day.  For most people this means at least 50oz a day of pure filtered water.
  2. You must get exercise 3 times a week, and you must sweat.
  3. The colon is where the health of the body begins.  If the colon is dirty, it will lead to the liver and kidney to get “dirty”.  When this happens, one of many symptoms you can get is acne.  Therefore, eating a healthy diet and keep the colon clean is of paramount importance.  It is no wonder with teenagers, who are most affected by acne, that they eat more junk food than much of the rest of the population.  If you are having less than one bowel movement per day than you are constipated.  Constipation will cause you to hold in more and more toxins in the body.  Two bowel movements per day is where you want to be at.
  4. Eating the right food is critical.  Diet in fact is the most important factor in keeping acne free and clear from your skin.
  5. Getting some critical nutrients for your body is necessary in fighting against acne at the root cause.

If you are drinking lots of water, exercising (sweating), having two bowel movements per day and eating healthy, and taking good quality supplements, you should be able to keep acne away indefinitely.

Here are some final comments on diet and supplementation for acne.

  1. You should be getting 6-8 servings (cups) of raw and steamed organic vegetables and fruits per day.  This will help keep your colon nice and clean, so you can have regular bowel movements.  With the average teenage eating typically less than 1 vegetable or fruit per day, it is no coincidence that 80% of them suffer from acne.  When I started to do this, combined with good supplements, my acne disappeared.  Stay away from foods that typically cause food allergies such as all dairy products especially milk, wheat, all forms of sugar, white flour, and processed foods.  Eating lots of carrots will give you potassium and vitamin A that are needed for good healthy skin.
  2. Essential Fatty Acids.  They will keep skin smooth and soft, with repair tissues and unblocking deposits in the pores.  I recommend Carlsons Cod Liver Oil or Garden of Life Omega 3.
  3. Enzymes/probiotics.  Plant enzymes can help to reduce food sensitivities, while cleaning out the bowels.  Standard Process makes a great product called Lact-Enz that is both.  Garden of Life also makes a great supplement called “Perfect Food” in tablets that I would recommend.
  4. Vitamin A to help skin to be protected
  5. B complex vitamins for healthy skin tone.  I would recommend Cataplex B from Standard Process or the B complex from Garden of Life.

I cannot stress enough how eliminating the junk food and getting the right amounts of vegetables and fruits alone can sometimes eliminate acne all on its own.  Once you change your diet and supplement, you should see acne begin to go away within 2-4 weeks.  Each person is different and some are less/more toxic than others.