3 Nasty Things That Are Destroying Your Thyroid – Healing Hypothyroidism Naturally

Posted on February 24, 2012 by drscott

  • Are you always chronically tired or fatigued?
  • Have you gained weight that you haven’t been able to lose through dieting?
  • Are you feeling depressed or anxious more than ever?

If are are experiencing one or all of these symptoms you could be one of over 60 million Americans have an under functioning thyroid or hypothyroidism.  The majority of people don’t even know they have a problem with their thyroid.  From what I have seen in the clinic, I estimate that this number is even higher.   The problems mentioned about are by far the most common things that I see people for in the clinic, specifically chronic fatigue, weight issues, and feelings of anxiety or depression. These problems alone keep me very busy in the clinic.

Where is the thyroid?

The thyroid is a small butterfly shape gland that is located directly below the adam’s apple at the base of the neck.  It is largely responsible for regulating your metabolism or the rate at which energy gets used and consumed in the body.

Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was told that my thyroid didn’t function right and I would have to take a
synthetic hormone (synthroid, levothyroxine) for the rest of my life. Something about this just didn’t settle right with me.  When I asked the doctor why my thyroid wasnt functioning correctly, I wasn’t given an answer.  The doctor honestly didn’t know and didn’t seem interested in finding out.   It is also no coincidence that through the specific form of testing that I do, 80% of the people I test, have a thyroid that isn’t quite as happy as it could be. Six out of every ten people I see, I end up helping them to specifically rebuild and restore proper function of their thyroid.  Through testing the thyroid comes up as being the most important organ/gland that needs nutritional support.

What are some of the symptoms associated with hypothyroidism?  Here are the top 7.  See if you have any of these symptoms.

1. Chronic fatigue, being tired all the time.  I recently read that now there are more Starbucks in the world than McDonald’s.   On a daily basis millions of people are masking or covering up the symptoms of low energy they have.  Coffee helps to remove much needed nutrients from the body and also taxes or stresses the adrenal glands.
2. Unexplained or uncontrollable weight gain.  If you have tried every diet on the planet and nothing has worked, you may want to look at your thyroid.  Even if you tests come back ok, your thyroid could still need some work.  What I find is that underlying problems exist that literally inhibit people from being able to lose weight and until those things are removed from the body, people will continue to struggle with their weight.
3. Depression or anxiety.
4. High cholesterol.  Lipitor is the most widely prescribed drug in the world.  In the clinic I have helped people to reduce their colesterol by 50-100 points in one month naturally.
5. Menstrual problems – fertility issues.  I fully believe that all of the symptoms associated with menstruation are really not that normal.  I know women, who are some of the healthiest people I have ever met and they rarely get symptoms associated with menstruation.
6. Hair and skin issues – If your body is not properly metabolizing the nutrients that it is given, the hair and skin can be greatly affected.

7. Muscle and joint pain

Do you have any of those symptoms? Most people do. Prevention is the best health insurance there is and getting the thyroid functioning properly is critical to over all physical health.

  • How many of you know what one nutrient helps the thyroid to function properly? Iodine.
  • Do any of you know where we get iodine from in the diet? (sea vegetables, cranberries, navy beans, strawberries, potatoes).
  • So if we don’t get iodine in the diet that is usable and absorbable, can the thyroid function correctly? No.
  • But is getting iodine in the diet the simple solution? No.

In my clinical experience there are many underlying reasons that MUST be dealt with before the thyroid can function properly. I will give you the top three.

1. Mercury. In the testing that I do, mercury is the number one destroyer of thyroids. We get most of our mercury from dental amalgams/fillings and from vaccinations. Think twice before you get your next flu shot. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet, yet it is ok in our mouths, inches from the brain. Mercury is also responsible for many of the brain diseases we are seeing an increasing amount of today such as Alzheimer’s. Mercury is like glue, once is gets in the body it doesn’t easily come out. In the clinic, I use very specific products to pull out mercury out of the body.
2. Chlorine. Iodine is in a family of elements called the Halogen family. That family is composed of Chlorine, Fluoride, Bromine and Iodine. They all compete for the same receptors sites in the body. We ingest massive amounts of chlorine through our tap water (hot showers) and through drinking water. We get tons of fluoride through our toothpaste and tap water. These are both toxic chemicals, which poison the body. This combined with not getting iodine is a recipe for disaster. In the clinic we use the same products to pull heavy chemicals from the body as well.
3. Food sensitivities. It is estimated that 30% of Americans have food sensitivities. Every person I have ever seen in the clinic has one or many food sensitivities. Food sensitivities can cause more than 70 different symptoms and many people don’t associate an afternoon headache with the food they ate that morning, because the symptom doesn’t show up for 4-8 hours later. Dairy, eggs, white rice, sugar, wheat, corn, soy, and other foods are some of the major culprits. We use other natural products to help the body deal with food sensitivities.

These major things MUST be removed before the thyroid can be healed. Synthroid or Levothyroxine help but are not the answer to restoring the thyroid and dealing with hypothyroidism. We then use very specific whole food supplements to rebuild and restore properly thyroid function, and alleviating your symptoms. I believe that the body can heal itself from almost anything if it has the exact right materials or ingredients it needs to do so. How do we figure out exactly what the body needs? Just giving you supplements that are known to help the thyroid in my experience is not enough. We need a way to figure out exactly what the body needs in exactly the right quantity.

Nutrition Response Testing is the tool that I use to figure out what things are affecting the body, what substances help to remove those things and also what the body needs to rebuild and repair itself.