Success Stories

It is amazing when the people that come into the clinic find relief from health problems that they have had for 5, 20 or even 40 years. Here are some of the short testimonials that some of our patients have given to us.

“Before seeing Dr. Scott, I was very tired and not sleeping very well. I felt bloated and had lots of aches and pains, especially in my hands, feet and low back. I also had numerous hot flashes every day. Now, in just 3 months, I feel great, I have lots of energy. My hot flashes are gone and I am sleeping much better. I have very few aches and pains. I also have lost about 20 pounds.” – J.F.

“Before I saw Dr. Scott, I felt sick and tired all the time. I was very low in energy (1-2) and didn’t have the energy even for fun activities. I had about 3-4 headaches per week. Basically, I always felt awful. After just a couple of months, I feel like a totally different person. I feel so much healthier and I rarely get a headache. I have energy to do not only the things I have to do, but also things I want to do. I just have a much better sense of well-being.” -S.A.

‎”Before seeing Dr. Scott, I was really slow to start in the AM with low energy, mental fatigue, and hot flashes all day. Although I might never be a “morning person”, I arise with no problem now. My energy has improved tremendously!! My mental clarity is much improved and my hot flashes have been reduced greatly. My skin also feels amazing!” -J.Y.

‎”Before I came to Dr. Scott I would say my energy level was about a three. I was constantly fighting going down into a depressed state. Now I would say my energy level is about a 7-8 level. I am in a much better mood, even started singing at home again, which I had stopped many years earlier. I want to thanks Dr. Seltzer and Dr. Scott for this improvement in my life. It was rather unexpected at my age of 76. Thanks again.” -B.D.

“I was looking for help with my children’s health, as a mom I worried too much about their health, but working with Dr. Scott helped me realize my emotional health was what needed attention.  By working with Dr. Scott I feel I’m in a beautiful and sometimes painful process of accepting and loving myself.  I’m definitely more aware of what I put into my body, but mostly I am more aware of the emotions I feel throughout every day, working on letting go the emotions I don’t need in my life and embracing the ones I do.  The first time I was impacted by Dr. Scott’s techniques was when I physically felt so sick to my stomach thinking it was something I ate. After talking to him, doing some tapping and releasing the fear I felt for my daughter’s health, it was completely GONE!!  I just love his ability to be mean in the most loving way!!! He tells me exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it!!!”  – R.G.

“I have seen Dr Graves several times so far over the last two months and he has already taught me so much. I have been to 8 different doctors over the last 2 years and none of them were able to address the issue the way he has. Dr Graves looks at all the different aspects of health and is extremely intuitive and brilliant. Since seeing Dr Graves i have fully ELIMINATED my allergy to Blueberries and Apples which both used to cause severe allergic reactions since the age of 11. (I had a whole bag of blueberries today :))
He also has such a positive, peaceful, and loving attitude and truly cares about all his patients.”  – D. O.
“Dr. Graves is different then any other doctor I’ve been to and I’ve been seeing holistic doctors for years. He takes healing to a different, deeper level. I live out of state and was able to see him several times in person. I am grateful that our paths crossed and I can continue my healing long distance over the phone.”  – E.M.
“My hobby is nutrition and Dr Scott’s level of knowledge in nutrition was beyond anyone I ever met. His guidance for me in addressing a blood pressure problem without taking the meds my Dr recommended, had helped and also helped in many more areas of my health as well. But I primarily went to Dr Scott, who was recommended to me by my chiropractor, because of stress issues I was dealing with relating to some drug problems of my grandchildren. His methods went beyond that issue to working through other issues making my everyday life so free and wonderful. I highly recommend Dr Scott.”  – S.E.
“After learning about Dr. Graves a few weeks ago I made an appointment seeking help with pain of recurring shingles episodes. In addition to using acupuncture for immediate symptom relief, Dr. Graves has prescribed appropriate natural supplements, dietary adjustments, and emotional clearing techniques to help me remove the mental blocks that stand in the way of the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This is what I was looking for; it’s what makes sense to me. Dr. Graves is knowledgeable, professional, caring and patient. He listens and takes the time needed to diagnose and treat appropriately. I highly recommend his services.”  B.J.
“Dr. Scott is awesome. I learn so much from him. He is very passionate about health and healing and really cares deeply. Has insights based on extensive research and practice but comes from the heart.”  J. M.
“Excellent! Gave me some great feedback and helped me to make better choices for my health. Felt so much better within a surprisingly short amount of time!”  K.F.
“Dr. Scott is amazing! He has so much knowledge on both the physical body and the emotional/spiritual aspect and how they both tie together. From our first meeting, he made me feel very comfortable. I felt that I was in good hands for the first time in a while after seeing multiple Western doctors that had’t done me any good. He taught me how the emotions affect the physical body and gave me the tools to continue down the road of feeling better. Cannot recommend him enough!” E.K.
“I’ve been going to Dr Scott for about 7 months now and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a greater understanding of their body, mind, and the health connection between the two. He is the kind of Dr who does his job with great detail and concern. You can tell that he loves what he does and is truly there to help people. He always takes his time and explains everything to ensure that I understand. I have learned a ton from my visits and have been able to work on so many things in my life and have seen and felt great improvement. He also has recommended some great books and resources that have really complimented everything that I am working on. This is someone who works from his heart and it shows and I am grateful that I was referred to him.”  B.K.
“Working with Dr. Scott has truly been an amazing experience! He knows how to get to the root of your problem and helps you open up to it with such ease regardless of the cause or trauma. Once you begin to heal there’s a dramatic positive change that not only you but everyone around you will notice. Now I have the tools to finding true inner peace. I am happier, healthier and looking forward to waking up everyday to a new “me”” P.G.
“Dr Graves is truly an amazing Doctor and has given me all the tools to help keep myself healthy. He got to the root of many of my problems and helped me work through them. He creates a loving space and truly creates a good rapport with his patients, cares for them deeply and makes them feel as comfortable as possible. I will recommend him to anyone seeking help in his area of expertise.” T.C.
“I have been going to Dr. Graves for over 1 year and half. I can honestly say that he has helped physically, emotional, and spiritually when I truly thought there was no hope.
Dr.Graves is one of the most caring and understanding person in his field. If you find yourself in a situation where you have tried everything and nothing has gotten to the root of your issues call Dr. Graves.  You will be truly glad you did.”  M.M.
“Dr. Graves is an exceptional doctor, I have worked with him solely via phone and have made enormous progress- much more than I was expecting. He created a custom plan and treatments for me with which I have had much success and been able to achieve goals that I had given up reaching. I have had no side effects from the healing modalities and recommendations he has prescribed to me which, for me, has been very different than in working with other practitioners and their medicine recommendations. Working with him has helped me more in a few months than years of conventional Western medicines and practices. I would recommend him to anybody who truly seeks healing.” J.B.
“I can’t say enough about Dr. Scott. He really cares about his patients, listens well, never makes you feels rushed, and has wonderful intuition.

When I tore my left medial meniscus I didn’t even want to think about surgery. I didn’t have to! Dr. Scott did some acupuncture and prescribed some Chinese herbs. It has healed and I feel no pain! He is so gifted. You have nothing to lose in seeing him.” B.G.
“I have been seeing Dr. Scott for several years now and my quality of life has improved dramatically, mind, body, and soul. For many years I got nowhere with modern medicine. I knew nothing of alternative medicine and was hesitant to try. I put a lot of faith in Dr. Scott and my life is better than ever! Thank you Dr. Scott!” J.C.
“Dr. Scott has helped my teen daughter in ways that an MD could never do. He gets to the root of the problems instead of treating the symptoms. It was fascinating to watch him do his thing. I watched my daughter go from someone that did not want to get out of bed and had a lot body pains to a happier responsible teen. We used to fight about school, and with his help I learned that I needed to change my ways also. Now we are a happier family. I highly recommend Dr. Scott to anyone who has problems that they want to get help with. Go in with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed.”  J.S.
“Dr. Scott offers a sacred space to explore the connection between mind, body and soul. With intuitive wisdom, sharp knowledge and deep compassion he helps his clients to heal from the inside out. I am deeply grateful for the impact he has had in my life and cannot recommend his work enough!”  B.N.
“I have seen Dr. Scott several times for different issues and he is gifted at getting to the causative factors of symptoms and addressing it there. He made sure I was comfortable with the process and understood the treatments. I’m very happy with the results!” K.B.
“I would highly recommend Dr. Graves to anyone who is interested in addressing the well being of their body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Graves has not only helped me expose the underlying emotions that correlate to any existing conditions or symptoms, but has given me the tools to both identify and release them which has lead to a deeper connection to myself as well as an increased state of my well being. I recommend reaching out to him with any concern or ailment, he is by far one of the most well rounded medical professionals I have encountered.”  C.C.
“I started seeing Dr. Scott over a year ago when I was at a very lost and hopeless place in my life. With his help, expertise, and support, I began to heal and come out of that dark place. Just knowing he was there and understood made me feel secure. I am very thankful for the part he has played in my life and the fact that I feel alive again.” B.H.
“I consider Dr Graves a good friend. He has a genuine passion for helping people. The results I’ve seen personally in implementing his methods have been life changing.” J.H.
“Dr. Scott is top notch! His professional knowledge, training and skills are superb. Equally as impressive is his genuine passion for helping people and his willingness to go the extra mile in helping them reclaim their health and happiness.”  J.S.
“It was absolutely amazing to work with Scott! His methods changed my life and taught me how to heal myself. It was so powerful for me to learn that we can heal physical ailments by releasing emotional trauma! Grateful for the experience and recommend him for ANYONE! Heal your life!” A.W.
“Dr. Scott is great! He listens and gives you what you need for your health. Very affordable and highly suggested to go and learn different techniques for healing our bodies.” T.L.
“Scott helped me get and stay healthy during my two pregnancies with body talk, acupuncture and supplements. He always picks up the phone, is available for endless questions and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him!”  A.H.
“Doctor Scott Graves is a gifted physician. He deeply cares for his patients well being. I highly recommend him”  T.O.
“Dr. Graves has helped me not just with physical symptoms but also with mental and emotional blockages that has added unnecessary stress into my life. He made me see the bigger picture behind my unhealthy overeating habits and added a different perspective from what I’ve been told by my endocrinologist and other doctors. I was tired of being told I needed to take medicine that would only help with my symptoms but not do anything with the actual cause behind the symptoms, I wanted to actually heal instead of just cover up and Dr. Graves was the first doctor I’ve met that gave me that as well as how my thoughts and memories contributed to some of my ailments. I highly recommend the Triune wellness center to anyone who wants to make an improvement in their life/lifestyle!” V.R.
“After consulting for many months with my family doctor, a nurse practitioner, and two dermatologists for a persistent rash on my face, I finally found Dr. Graves on the internet. During my first visit, Dr. Graves came up with a simple natural solution that resolved my problem quickly and inexpensively. Since then, Dr. Graves has assisted me with other ailments. I appreciate his ability to think outside the box and to not only treat my physical problems but to also address the related mental and spiritual issues. Accordingly, I highly recommend Dr. Graves.”  M.A.
“Honestly, I was a little apprehensive about using alternative medicine, but I’m glad I did! Not only have I experienced considerable improvements in health and well-being, but I also have gained tools to stay healthy. Scott was great to work with and not only did I experience healing, but enjoyed the process.”  J.V.
“Superb professional that is flexible, accommodating, intuitive, kind, patient and gets to root problems of complex cases involving physical, emotional and spiritual duress. Highly recommended if you’re looking for real intentional healing!”  J.W.
“Dr. Scott is very in tune, patient, and was able to help me get my fluctuating pain and fatigue under control. Thank you so much!” R.E.
“Dr. Scott has been the most helpful therapy in my life. He showed me how to recognize my emotions and how to let go of them by using techniques that I can use anytime anywhere. He has helped me feel better about myself. Our sessions are long distance and it still has been an amazing journey of self discovery. I would recommend it 100%

Dr. Scott me ha cambiado la vida. Las sesiones son de larga distancia y aún así me ha ayudado a reconocer mis emociones, trabajándolas y liberándome de ellas. Este trabajo me ha ayudado a hacerme una persona más segura, consciente de mi presente, entregada, empodereada de mi propio ser y con menos carga emocional. Las técnicas de liberación emocional que te enseña las puedes aplicar a tu día a día.  Lo recomiendo 100%” – A.E.