Full payment for services is due at the time the services are rendered.

New client initial visit (first 2 visits): $160

Your initial visit will be approximately an hour and a half long (1.5hr). The second visit also an hour and a half (1.5hr) and is covered by the cost of the first visit as well.  Dr. Scott will cover a thorough health history from you including past medical problems, family health history, current medications or supplements you may be taking, and the nature of any current health complaints. The purpose of this visit is to expose you to Dr. Scott’s natural health improvement program and to determine an appropriate next step toward achieving your health goals.

Regular Office Visit (60 minutes): $80

Regular Office Visit: $50 (Children – with Parents that are on a Health Improvement Program)

Extended Office Visit: $20 (per each additional 15 min)

Health Express: $25 (per test)

Body Talk, Allergy Elimination, TFT, Psychokinesiology and other services: $80/hour.

PHONE AND SKYPE CONSULTATIONS (in the area and outside of the area): $80 hour

Phone consultations are a great way to receive support when you are outside of the immediate area or you are not able to come in for treatment in the office.  Almost everything I do in the clinic can be done over the phone as well.  The education process and starting a plan can be implemented by the patient themselves through this type of consultations with powerful results.  Any supplementation that is suggested can also be shipped out through our office.