Heal from Hypothyroidism 100% Naturally.

Do you take thyroid medication but still don’t feel 100%?  Do you want to really heal your thyroid so that you can be medication free?  Do you have these symptoms: tired, gaining weight, hair falling out, dry skin and cold hands and feet?  Dr. Scott is living proof that one can fully heal from this condition through detoxification, targeted nutritional supplementation, dietary changes, acupuncture and emotional releasing.  Call 407-255-0314 to start healing today.

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Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a revolutionary, non-invasive way of identifying which area (organ/gland) of the body is under the most stress and what the most critical nutritional deficiencies there are in your body.  Using 100% whole food supplements, toxins that cripple health and the deficiencies in your body that are causing problems can be wiped out and you can begin to heal.  If the body has the right nutrients, it can heal from just about anything.

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The True Cost of Health Care and Preventing Disease

I have literally witnessed cancer and heart disease wipe out people’s 1 million dollar retirement funds!  Would you spend $1000 or even $3000 dollars over the next year to truly get healthy and avoid these disease forever? Seven out of every ten people now get heart disease and cancer. You will be shocked by what disease may cost you in the future.  Avoid these costs, prevent disease and get healthy now!

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Free Phone Consultation

Call now for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Scott. No obligations. The path to healing begins with the first step. Call today.  Are you wondering if the health problem you have can be healed naturally?  Are you curious about what a natural health improvement program entails?   Does another way exist outside of western medicine that can truly heal you?  Talk to Dr. Scott today to see if you this might be the right step for you.  CALL 407-255-0314 NOW!

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Welcome Message

A welcome message from Dr. Scott. Dr. Scott discusses his philosophy on healing and how you can get educated and take control of your health.

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“The body has the full potential of healing when every area of health is addressed including what physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues may be contributing to your overall health problems.”

Do you have a health problem that you have tried everything for?

Are you searching for a completely different perspective and approach as to why you have your health problems?

Dr. Scott offers a unique, different and fresh approach as to WHY you may be experiencing your health issues and WHAT you can do to start healing from them today.  Read more about his approach in this article – The Five Levels of Healing in the Body.

Dr. Scott Graves, AP is a Board Licensed Acupuncture Physician who specializes in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Herbs, Tuina Massage, Cupping), Nutrition Response Testing, Allergy Elimination, Emotional Freedom Techniques, The Sedona Method, Body Talk, Psychokinesiology and more.  Serving the Orlando, Florida area.

Call today to start your journey towards healing and wellness!

Not in Orlando?  Dr. Scott does phone and Skype sessions, offering many of the same services at a distance as he does locally.

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List of Health Conditions that Chinese Medicine is Brilliant For





Liver Issues


Sinus Issues


Weight Gain



Migraines once a week, hot flashes, night sweats, rashes, lack of energy and serious weight gain were just a few of the major symptoms that Samantha had when she came to visit for the first time.  She was using progesterone and was taking depression and thyroid medication.  She also had medication for the migraines to use when they were really bad.  When she came to see me she was at the end of her rope and was miserable.  Her nervous system was was a disaster and she was ready to try anything.  Within the first two months she started to see marked improvement.  In 5 months, her headaches were reduced by 95%, the hot flashes and night sweats were gone, her energy was way up and she had lost about 17 pounds.  The best part was that by her own choice she decided to come off her medication as well, and has not needed it in over 2 months.

This is a very familiar scenario for many that is seen today.  After a lifetime of nutritional deficiency, her body was finally giving the nutrients that it needed to be able to function correctly, so that she could properly rebuild and repair her body.  Her nervous system completely balanced and was running optimally.  Her diet changed and now she now eats food that contribute to constant healing and are a part of a healthy lifestyle.  If you eat the right things, you will never have to “diet” ever again.  I fully believe this and it is why I dont believe in dieting.

Nutrition Response Testing

This site is about healing and all things that lead to a truly healthy lifestyle.  My own health journey is a redemptive story, one that changed the course of my life forever.  One of the most powerful tools that is used to help identify the body nutritional needs, helps to identify root causes of problems in the body and helps to rebuild and repair the body is done by using Nutrition Response Testing (NRT).  One of the five stressors usually lies at the base of most health problems and NRT finds out what those are.  You can also learn about the true role of toxicity and deficiency and how they are a part of all disease.  For general information about Nutrition Response Testing, most questions people have can be answer on our FAQ’s page.  Lastly, you can read about my journey of healing on a Nutrition Response Testing protocol.

Naturopathy – The path to true healing and wholeness

Dr. Benedict Lust, the Father of Modern Naturopathic Medicine summarized it well in 1918 when he said, “”The natural system for healing disease is based on a return to nature in regulating the diet, breathing, exercising, bathing and the employment of various forces to eliminate the poisonous products in the system, and so raise the vitality of the patient to a proper standard of health.”

Any type of therapy or treatment that uses 100% natural means could technically fall under the umbrella of Natuopathy.  Many of these healing modalities are well known by some people.  These various modalities include such things as nutrition, homeopathy, detoxification modalities, orthomolecular medicine, diet, applied kinesiology, bach flower remedies, reflexology, light touch treatment and many others.  Chinese medicine is also considered to be naturopathic because it is a system of medicine that uses natural modalities to heal the body.

People have the power to heal on their own and what I find to be true is that we all just need a little guidance.  Healing for many is not magical, mysterious or complicated to understand.   Six core principles exist that set a foundation for what we believe in.

1. We believe in the healing power of nature.  The body can heal and restore itself if it has the right materials to do so.

2. Do no harm.  Working with the body and not against it, does the least amount of harm.  Natural modalities are best employed to work with the body.

3. Identify and heal the root cause.   Roots causes can be physical, emotional, mental or environmental.  A holisitic approach is used to identity and work on the actual cause of the problem (s).

4.  We are WHOLE people.  We deal with the whole person and not just segmented part of people.  “Anything can cause anything” and it is important to recognize and work with the whole body to find a path to healing.  This includes recognizes problems not only with the body, but also with the soul and spirit.

5. Doctor as a Teacher.  The word doctor actually means teacher.  Education is the most important part of what a naturopath does.  The path to health should be plainly know to everyone.

6.  Prevention is the key.  Prevention disease is far easy than dealing with disease when it is full blown and chronic.  Most disease takes years to accumulate.  Even a routine trip to a naturopath and learning about healthy choices and lifestyle can have a massive impact in preventing disease.

Chinese Medicine – One of the most complete and oldest systems of medicine in the world.

Chinese medicine is one of the most fascinating and also misunderstood systems of medicine.  Many people know a little about acupuncture, but Chinese medicine is so much more!  It is actually very complete dealing with every facet of life and health, and very simply classifies life as balance between Yin and YangAcupunture just happens to be one of the things that can have a massive impact on immediate and long term health challenges.  These results have been scientifically verified in countless numbers of studies and scientists also have used devices to measure energy in the body and at each on of the point in the body, there are definite changes of energy.  This energy Chi (Qi), like other forms of energy, can be strengthened, changed and manipulated.  Herbal medicine has been used for millenia to heal and are huge part of the ancient healing tradition.  Other modalities are used as well such as moxibustion, cupping, tuina (massage), food therapy and qi gong.  Many people are afraid of the unknown and due to this, they prevent themselves from trying new things.  This system has been used for 5000 years and would have been abandonded a long time ago if it didnt work.  Currently, I am studing to be an Acupunture Physican at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine.

General Health

In the health blog you can find all kinds of articles and videos pertaining to healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  We encourage you to make comments as well if there is something that you can contribute to the page.  If there are any particular themes or topics that you would like me to comment on, please send an email to me through the contact page.

My mission is to help people heal from any and all chronic or acute health conditions through 100% natural means.



Chinese Medicine for Healing Migraines and Headaches

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migraines headaches heal

Heal Migraines and Headaches with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Chinese medicine is brilliant for migraines and headaches.   It is one of my favorite things to treat in the clinic because people can be in such great amounts of pain and see results very quickly.  One of our professors in graduate school triumphantly announced in class […]

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Chinese Medicine for Women’s Reproductive Health

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Chinese Medicine for Women’s Health One of the other areas where Chinese medicine shines is women’s health.  A question I ask in the clinic with every woman that still has a period is, “How is your period every month?”  The inevitable answer from most women is, “Umm…normal.”  I always chuckle a little at this because […]

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Gay Lacy – Massage Therapist Extraordinaire (podcast)

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Dr. Scott Graves

Gay Lacy Massage Therapist Extraordinaire Podcast Gay Lacy has been giving massages to people almost as far back as she has memory.  She has always enjoyed using her hands to help people, ease their pain and feel better.  In this podcast, she will share about her extensive history as a massage therapist and how massage […]

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Whole Food, No Chronic Disease and Food As Medicine – Podcast with Dr. Steve Moreau, AP Eating clean, whole, unprocessed and organic food is perhaps the most important thing we can do in the world today in order to be physically healthy.  In the USA today, most people live on a SAD diet (Standard American […]

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Transformation Healing Through Mindful Therapy With Bryan Nixon!

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Bryan Nixon – Founder of Mindful Counseling GR (www.mindfulcounselinggr.com) Therapy is a sacred encounter where the pain, suffering, and challenges we face can be met with presence, love, grace and space to explore within a therapeutic relationship.  It can be a wonderful journey towards growth and liberation from the patterns and emotional wounds that you […]

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The Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program

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Do you want to lower your weight, have more energy, better sleep, improved digestion and clearer skin? The average weight loss during this purification program is 12 pounds.  Some people have been known to lose over 25 pounds just in 21 days.  Others have felt so good that they have continued with the program for […]

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Healing Depression with Dr. Steve Moreau, AP   Depression is something that affects millions of Americans in the world today.  It is estimated that over 40 million people are taking some kind of drug for depression and anxiety.  Depression is not a chemical imbalance and medical research is now leading the way saying that it […]

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Heal a Torn Meniscus with Chinese Medicine

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Heal a Torn Meniscus with Chinese Medicine You can absolutely and completely heal a torn meniscus with Chinese medicine!  Chinese medicine is good for everything, because it is a complete system of medicine that can deal with any health issue. About 10 weeks ago (Nov 2016), I woke up one morning and my knee was […]

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Healing Epilepsy with Dr. Saima Bhatti Podcast

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Healing from Epilepsy and Seizures with Dr. Saima Bhatti Epilepsy is a condition which is very difficult to go through and is a mystery for Western medicine in many respects.  Most pathology with regards to seizures in Chinese medicine is related to the liver organ and its channel expression in the body.  We see many […]

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Exploring Non-Duality with Bradley Bemis

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Exploring Non-Duality with Bradley Bemis Non-Duality is nothing, yet it is everything.  It is the encompassing idea of the world beyond time, form, words, people, structure, and religion.  It is life itself.  In reality, it cannot even be discussed using words or pictures, because once it is,  it is removed from it’s essence (non-form) and […]

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